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Resources for Breast Cancer Patients

But Doctor I Hate Pink

This is a blog that I've been reading since shorlty after my father died.  I think the author Ann is amazing and hilarious.  Her opinions are always well-founded (regardless of whether or not I agree with them.)  I admire her, and reccomend you check her out and feel inspired.


Environtmental Working Group

After being diagnosed, I wanted to adopt a "greener lifestyle."  The EWG website really helped me to better understand the products I use every day, and their Skin Deep app has completely changed how I shop.


Fertile Hope

Fertile Hope is a division of Livestrong, which helps young people undergoing therapies that can compromise their fertility to understand the risks of their treatment and in certain cases help subsidizes the costs of these expensive treatments.  They are an incredible organization that helped me tremendously and has followed up with me as I've undergone treatment.


Penguin Cold Caps Website

I hadn't heard of Cold Caps until I was about to undergo chemotherapy.  They have completely changed my experience of treatment by allowing me to keep my hair. If you are daunted by the prospect of hair loss, definitely check out this site. 


Susan G. Komen Website

Many people in the BC Community have opinions about Susan G. Komen as a charity. However, this website helped me find a free mammogram as a woman under 40. For that alone I reccomend this site.  It's also extremely user friendly and helped me more fully understand my daignosis. 


The Radical Remission Project

After I was diagnosed, I reached out to Dr. Kelly Turner.  While I have taken a conventional treatment approach to my illness, her advice led me to embrace many complementary treatments which I believe have allowed me to remain strong and vibrant while undergoing chemotherapy. The stories she shares are truly remarkable and inspiring.


Young Survival Coalition

After I was diagnosed, I found this website extremely helpful.  Simply reading the stories of other women my age made me feel like I wasn't alone in my diagnosis. 

Ways You Can Help

The Actors Fund

The Actors Fund doesn't just help cancer patients, but all actors.  As an actor, I urge you to donate to this worthy cause that helps everyone in the entertainment industry through the Al Hirshfeld Free Health Clinic, The Phyllis Newman Women's Healthcare Initiatvie, Various Housing Programs for seniors and many, many more incredible programs. 


Avon Walk for Breast Cancer

I have twice participated in this walk.  What I love about this walk is the opportunity for comradery between walkers as you engage in two days of walking for 39.3 Miles. I also love that the funds raised by the walk go to a diverse array of (primarily local) organization that support awareness, resarch and prevention of breast cancer. Find a walk near you. 


The American Cancer Society

There are so many ways to get involved with ACS.  You can donate, participate in walks or volunteer in other ways,  They offer a wide array of programs for people dealing with all types of cancer, and devote significant amounts of money to research (not only awareness, and patient support). 


Support "That Time I Had Cancer"

Each Entry we write and post costs around $50 to produce.  This may not sound like much, but as an actress dealing with breast cancer, these kinds of costs add up.  So, if you enjoy what you're seeing consider contributing to us by clicking the button below.  In return, you will receive my deepest gratitude and have your name included in the "Special Thanks" section of an upcoming Vlog. Please note any contibution will not be tax deductible, but will help ensure that my friends and I can keep telling my story. 









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Image from Dawn Plyer at Fine Art America

From Dawn Plyler at Fine Art America

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