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5 Fun Things To Do If You Have Cancer: #4: Take Some "Me Time"

In the vlog, I’m at the beginning of my cancer journey. In real time, I am coming out of what has been by far the least fun part of my journey. I think the best time to seek out fun is when life sucks. So, to that end, I’ve come up with five fun things to do if you have cancer (or even if you don’t).

Fun Thing #4

Take Some "Me Time"

I’m a person who chooses to be busy. I tend to say “yes” to everyone and load my plate up with lots of “extra curriculars” I’ve been this way since elementary school. Usually, this lifestyle makes me happy. But, being busy with rehearsals and day jobs and writing projects does mean sacrificing time for “just me.”

If cancer isn’t an excuse for some “me time,” I don’t know what is.

I took some time for myself during treatment, but honestly, I wish I’d taken more. As much as I enjoy being busy, I dream of having time to scrapbook and get pedicures. Big dreams.

Well, neither scrapbooking nor pedicures occurred during my months of treatment. But, I did indulge in another favorite activity: jigsaw puzzles.

Yup. I told you I have big dreams.

Weekends after chemo I would sit in my apartment and binge watch Netflix while

doing thousand piece jigsaw puzzles (you can see four of them on the right--voila!). Puzzles are something I love to do, but they are as self-indulgent as it comes. They take hours and hours to do, and once they’re done, you just say, “Oooh! I did that!” then you take the whole thing apart. They are in no way productive, but I love them and I gave myself permission to take time to do things during this time that were dumb, fun, and unproductive.

Whether or not you have cancer, everyday you should take 10 minutes for yourself. Those 10 minutes shouldn’t just be spent watching the Real Housewives or playing Candy Crush. I mean, they can be—It’s your 10 minutes, so who am I to dictate? But from my personal experience I recommend getting creative—do something you love to do, but never do. It’s more fulfilling. Maybe try doing something you loved as a kid (coloring is another favorite activity of mine).

Once a week, go crazy and give yourself an hour. You deserve it!

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