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Entry 1: BONUS BLOG: My Dad

If anything in the Vlog seems too ridiculous to be true, then it is absolutely 100% true. My father really did die while he was working out. He really was working out "Donald Duck" style (no pants, stylish shirt, and often a jaunty sailor's hat).

I joke about losing my dad as a coping mechanism, and because I believe it is genuinely what he would have wanted. For more about my dad, who was a pretty amazing guy, you can read some obituaries here:

The Chicago Sun Times

The Chicago Tribune

The Lake Geneva Regional News

Sounds pretty awesome, right? He also wrote a bunch of books! And was an amazing motivational speaker! You can see videos of his talks and buy his books at his website (which is the same as it was before he passed away), right HERE.

I know I'm going over the top, but I am proud of the man my father was, and even

though he's gone, I think his legacy should live on. I gave a lot of my thoughts in the eulogy I delieverd last January. It's a little long, but I felt he deserved a throrough tribute. You can read it HERE.

I could go on and on and on. But, I won't I'll leave it to you. Truly. Do yourself a favor, read his books, check out his speaking. He was great.

Also! Check out next week's Vlog (Entry 2: The Quest Begins), which will go live on Thursday February 16th!

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